Dotloop Training
What is Dotloop
Getting Strarted
– Login from
– Login from
– Update and Verify Agent
Profile information
– Add Agent Association
Invite code
-Where to Find Help

Setting Up Form Templates
-Setting up a For Sale Form Set
-Setting up a Buyers Form Set
-Setting up a Lease Listing Form Set
-Setting up a Buyer Agency Form Set

Starting a Listing Transaction
-Add Property Details
-Add People
-Add Forms
-How to Share it with Clients
-How to Share with Managing Broker

Starting a Buyer Purchase Transaction
-Adding Property Details
-Add People
-Add Forms
-How to Work with Disclosures
-How to Share with Clients
-How to Share with Co-Op Broker

Working with Offers from Another Agent
(not created in Dotloop)
-Importing Offer
– How to Add Counter Offer Terms
– How to Share with Clients
– How to Share with Co-Op Agent

Educating Co-Op Agents
– Understanding what a Co-Op Agent sees
– How to help them use the system

Creating an Easy Offer

How to Unlock a Form For More Than Two Parties
-Need to check with Managing Broker if this is desired

How to Handle Dual Agency

Hot Keys

Creating a Loop via email

Common Phrases
-How to Create
-How to Use

How to Create a Loop via Email

Task Management

Submitting Paperwork for Office Compliance